Custom Healthcare Systems, Inc. (CHS) is an assembler and packager of Class I medical products.  CHS has been in business since 1985.  We are in business to provide our customers with custom kits to their specifications using the Food and Drug Administrations (FDA) mandated Quality System Regulations (QSR) 21 CFR Part 820.  We are a niche market company with the ability to turn around jobs in short time frames.  CHS will do short runs and services that often are not performed by the large providers of a like service.  Our mission is to provide world-class service to our customers on an on-time schedule at a fair price.


Our purpose is to provide a service to our customers that frees them from assembly and packaging of medical device components.  Two important services we provide to stay competitive in our industry are as follows:


a)   We produce sub assembly components for a principal assembler (i.e. folding of back table covers or the assembling of a surgical prep tray).  All activities are performed to customer specifications, but with a cost saving enjoyed by the customer.  Sterilization is not a service provided in this scenario.


b)   We package or assemble components directly for CHS customers (i.e. hospitals and/or doctors) or for a customer as their third-party assembly facility.  This product is not only packaged (or assembled) to customer specifications by CHS, but also sterilized and delivered to the customer ready for use.  This service can be fitted to just about any customer need.  Whether it is a sterile elastic bandage put-up or kidney dialysis procedure tray; CHS is equipped to provide these services.